Online Course in PCB Design using OrCAD at NIELIT, Gorakhpur [2 Weeks; Paid]: Register Now!

Online Course in PCB Design using OrCAD at NIELIT, Gorakhpur [2 Weeks; Paid]: Register Now!

Registrations are invited for 2 weeks online Course in PCB Design using OrCAD at NIELIT, Gorakhpur. Check the details below!

About NIELIT, Gorakhpur

NIELIT, Gorakhpur was established as the Centre for Electronics Design & Technology of India (CEDTI) in June 1989. It is an Autonomous Scientific Society under the administrative control of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India. It caters to the training, Consultancy, Design and Product Development needs of small-scale IT Industries and allied sectors. It also conducts training programmes for the promotion of Entrepreneurs.

Course Objective

To train the participants and provide them the knowledge of complete PCB design flow using proprietary tool OrCAD. Candidates will get hands on training on OrCAD tool through Virtual Lab.


2 Weeks.

Course Start

July 18, 2023.

Course Content

1. Introduction to Printed Circuit Board PCB)
2. PCB Fabrication Process
3. Design flow with OrCAD
4. Creation of a project
5. Accessing the components
6. Implementation of Schematic
7. Simulation of Circuit using Pspice Simulation
8. Run time settings
1. Study of datasheet for packaging
2. Adding footprints to the components
3. Creating the netlist
4. Importing the components on ORCAD PCB Editor
5. Placing and moving the components as per design sequence
6. Routing the components
1. Generating the Gerber files / manufacturing files and documentation for PCB fabrication
2. Generation of Bill of Material (BOM)
1. Creation of your own THT symbol
2. Creation of footprint using pad stack editor for THT
1. Creation of your own SMD symbol
2. Creation of footprint using pad stack editor for SMD
Assignment 1: Complete Design flow of two stage RC circuit on OrCAD Tool
Assignment 2: Complete Design flow of Diode Clipper circuit on OrCAD Tool
Assignment 3: Complete Design flow of BJT Q2N2222 as switch on OrCAD Tool
Assignment 4: Complete Design flow of Wein bridge oscillator circuit using IC 741 OPAMP on OrCAD Tool
Assignment 5: Complete Design flow of Adjustable Voltage Regulator using IC LM317 on OrCAD Tool
Assignment 6: Complete Design flow of Low cost power supply (DC-DC) using 1N4734A on OrCAD ToolDay
Assignment 7: Complete Design flow of low cost programmable power supply(AC-DC) using IC LM317 and IC 7805C on OrCAD Tool


Diploma / B. Sc. / B. Tech. in Electronics / Electrical / Instrumentation (Completed or Pursuing).


  • Candidate must have latest computer/laptop with preferably 4 GB RAM or higher and Graphics Card (1 GB)
  • Internet connection with good speed (preferably 2Mbps or higher).


Rs. 1500/- incl. GST & all other charges.

How to Apply?

Interested candidates can apply via this link.


Mobile: 8317093893

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