JEE Advanced 2023: Why is attending regular school important for future IITians?

JEE Advanced 2023: Why is attending regular school important for future IITians?

A lot of IIT aspirants tend to choose to skip school and rely just on JEE coaching centres. However, is that something that the experts vouch for? Read here

JEE Main and Advanced exams, which are conducted as an entrance test for IITs, are known to be one of the toughest exams of the world. As claimed by some education technology companies, JEE exam is second only to China’s Gaokao Exam – a highly competitive and rigorous college entrance exam used to assess students’ academic readiness across mathematics, science, and language.

With the exam being so challenging and competitive, it is crucial to maintain a regular study schedule and to keep your health in good shape. To improve their chances of passing the exam, future IIT students should recognise the need for consistency, focus, practice, time management, good health, learning from mistakes, and remaining up to date.

Regularly attending school gives students a solid foundation in math, physics, and language — all requirements for passing the IIT exams. It encompasses holistic development in the VUCA world, where 21st century skills are critical; every nuance adds value to the development of the student.

Here are some things to keep in mind for future IITians:

Remain focused: It is simple to get distracted when studying; thus, it’s critical to maintain your main objective of passing the IIT exam. Maintain your focus and stay away from unwanted distractions. You need to study regularly to pass the IIT tests. Try as many past-year papers, practice exams, and sample questions as possible to acquire a feel for the exam’s format and level of difficulty.

Effective time management: You have limited time on the exam to find the answers to numerous questions; hence, time management is essential. Utilise test-time time management strategies, such as rapid reading, and reduce calculation time.

To save time, perform fast calculations during the exam. Students who regularly attend school get better at managing time, which is essential for passing the IIT exams. Exams for the IIT programme are well-known for their high difficulty levels and the extensive material that candidates must master. Students may balance their time between school and IIT preparation if they regularly attend class.

Exposure to a range of disciplines: The IIT coaching classes might not include some subjects that are a part of the typical school curriculum. Being a part of these school classes regularly, students get well-versed in these subjects too, and it also aids in forming a general learning philosophy.

Peer interaction: Students can engage with one another and acquire social skills by routinely participating in class, which are necessary for success in life. Healthy competition is encouraged by peer interaction; it encourages kids to put in more effort.

Comprehensive development: Regular school attendance ensures the complete development of students, including physical, emotional, and intellectual development. This is important for overall success in life, not just in IIT exams. You shouldn’t be deterred by failure; it’s all part of learning.  Most important of all, schools help you in developing social skills which help in every phase of life.

Always be informed: Keep abreast of any modifications to the application process, exam structure, or syllabus. Maintain contact with other candidates, seniors, and teachers to find out the most recent information.

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