AWS re/Start Career Launching Programme by Amazon [Linux; Python; Core AWS Cloud; Free AWS Training]: Join Now! Internship Opportunity at Amazon, Hyderabad

AWS re/Start Career Launching Programme by Amazon [Linux; Python; Core AWS Cloud; Free AWS Training]: Join Now!

In AWS re/Start Career Launching Programme, you’ll get a scenario-based exercise, instructor-led sessions and learners build Linux, Python, & core AWS Cloud skillsJoin Now!

About AWS re/Start

AWS re/Start Career Launching Programme
AWS re/Start Career Launching Programme

AWS re/Start curriculum is adapted to meet learners where they are in their learning journey, desired objectives, and learning modalities. Through scenario-based exercises and instructor-led sessions, learners build Linux, Python, networking, security, database, automation, and core AWS Cloud skills.

Learners receive job-specific training for roles such as technical support specialist, systems administrator, cloud automation lead, infrastructure engineer, and more. AWS re/Start also provides learners with professional skills including effective communication, collaboration, resume writing, and interview coaching to prepare them for employer meetings and interviews.

Learning Characteristics

Note that learner qualifications can differ depending on location and collaborating organization. For more information about learner qualifications and applications, see the How to apply for AWS re/Start section to click through to the learner application sites organized by country. The program is offered at no cost to learners.

  • Availability to attend training sessions as defined by the collaborating organization
  • Ability to apply for and pursue a new job after course completion
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent
  • Excitement to launch a career in cloud computing

Program Benefits

  • Access free AWS Cloud skills training
    • Join a cohort of individuals for instructor-led training, labs, and scenario-based exercises designed to support you in launching a cloud career.
  • Build skills aligned to AWS Certification
    • Once learners have built AWS Cloud services skills, they can prepare for the AWS Certification exams with complimentary access to practice exams and full exams.
  • Connect with employers & launch your career
    • Learners receive additional resume and interview coaching to prepare for employer meetings and interviews plus access to the AWS Emerging Talent Community upon graduation.

How to apply for AWS re/Start?

  • Are you experiencing unemployment or underemployment and want to learn more about AWS re/Start?
  • AWS re/Start works with different local collaborating organizations to deliver the program around the world.
  • These organizations share our mission of building a diverse global pipeline of entry to mid-level trained talent.
  • To learn more and apply, please contact the AWS re/Start program in your country by selecting your region, country, and organization from the menu, below.

Indian Organization’s details for AWS re/Start Career Launching Programme

OrganizationDetails and Descriptions
Dhyanahitha Educational SocietyA part of “Dhyanahitha Educational Society,” imparting education for more than a decade.
Don Bosco Tech SocietyDon Bosco Tech Society is helping youth bridge the digital, social and economic divide in India.
Edujobs Academy Pvt. Ltd.EduJobs Academy is an award-winning skill development organization in India.
EduBridgeEduBridge is an Integrated Workforce Development Organization for the career development of unemployed youth.
Generation India FoundationGeneration India Foundation is a nonprofit focused on education and career placement.
HOPE FoundationHOPE Foundation is a grassroots NGO that focuses on the training and placement of young people.
Magic Bus India FoundationHOPE Foundation is a grassroots NGO that focuses on the training and placement of young people.
Rooman TechnologiesHOPE Foundation is a grassroots NGO that focuses on the training and placement of young people.
Tata Community Initiatives TrustTata STRIVE (part of TCIT) is helping bridge the gap between vocational education and industry needs.
TeamLease Education FoundationTeamLease provides skilling opportunities through meaningful long-term upliftment programs.
Tech Mahindra FoundationTech Mahindra Foundation is focused on building the vision of Empowerment through Education.
Unlimited Technology PvtUnlimited’s mission is to transform caterpillars into butterflies and values excellence.
VinsysVinsys is a learning and consulting provider for products & services that empower people with in-demand skills.


What is AWS re/Start?

AWS re/Start is a cohort-based workforce development training program that prepares individuals for entry to mid-level cloud careers. After 2-3 months of in-person or blended training, collaborating organizations connect AWS re/Start program graduates with potential employers.

What are the Eligibility Criteria?

AWS re/Start learner selection criteria are based on collaborating organizations’ unique business models, mission statements, cohort dates, availability, and grant funding requirements. Please reach out directly to the collaborating organization in your city for more information about eligibility criteria, training program dates, classroom details, and other program information. See the directory of collaborating organizations on the AWS re/Start website, organized by location.

What qualification will I obtain on completion of the AWS re/Start Programme?

AWS re/Start graduates receive an AWS re/Start graduate digital badge at the completion of the program.

When I’ll get a response after applying?

AWS re/Start’s candidate application process, enrollment, and delivery are managed by AWS re/Start collaborating organizations. You may refer to the collaborating organization’s website for the posting which states the period by which applications will be reviewed and by when responses will be received. This response time varies by collaborating organization and is also influenced by upcoming AWS re/Start cohort availability.

Click here to view the official notifications of the AWS re/Start Career Launching Programme by Amazon

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