Quad Cyber Challenge by Stay Safe Online, India [Call to Action: Protecting Ourselves from the Growin Threats of Online Attacks]: Participate Now!

Stay Safe Online is organising the Quad Cyber Challenge. Participate now and become a responsible Indian citizen!

About Stay Safe Online

Stay Safe Online is an online campaign run and managed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India during India’s presidency of G20.

About the QUAD Campaign

Cybercrime and the global cyber threat make citizens vulnerable and cost trillions of dollars each year. Every connected device is a potential target. The cybersecurity problem is an education problem, from individual awareness to workforce capacity. Over 90% of attacks succeed not because of technology, but because of human error. And every private and public organization suffers from a cybersecurity talent shortage.

This campaign is an audacious call to action — for every Internet user — to protect ourselves and our devices from the growing threats of online attacks. Timed to coincide with the global Safer Internet Day campaign in early February and National Cyber Awareness Month in October of every year, this cybersecurity campaign unites governments, corporations, nonprofits, universities, and schools globally, with a particular focus on the Quad countries (US, India, Japan, Australia).

Quad Cooperation to Promote Responsible Cyber Habits

Quad Nations are launching a public campaign to improve cyber security across the Quad Nations: the Quad Cyber Challenge. Internet users are being invited across the Indo-Pacific and beyond to join the Challenge and pledge to practice safe and responsible cyber habits. The Challenge reflects the continuing Quad efforts to strengthen individuals’ and communities’ cyber security awareness and action, as well as to foster a more secure and resilient cyber ecosystem to benefit economies and users everywhere.

Internet users worldwide are targets of cybercrime and other malicious cyber threats that can cost trillions of dollars each year and compromise sensitive, personal data. Many successful cyber-attacks can be guarded against by simple preventative measures. Together, Internet users and providers can take small steps to significantly improve cybersecurity and cyber safety. These steps include routinely installing security updates, enabling enhanced identity checks through multi-factor authentication, utilizing stronger and regularly changing passphrases, and knowing how to identify common online scams, like phishing.

Aim of the Quad Cyber Campaign

People in society are aware of the nuances of getting hacked and various other risks involved in using the internet carelessly. But few know how to stay safe online. And even when they do, they don’t make time for it. Their goal is to get as many people in the country to:

Take steps to protect their devices (change passwords, enable two-factor authentication, apply patches, etc.)

Learn to avoid common scams.

Share online to recruit others to build awareness.

Consider taking a course and possibly pursuing a career in cybersecurity.

Eligibility Criteria

The competition is open to all citizens.

How to Participate?

Interested candidates can participate in the challenge via this link.

Participation Deadline

There is no participation deadline.


Before participating in the online challenge, make sure you read the important points in this checklist.

Contact Information

For any queries or information, please write an email to ssoindia[at]cdac[dot]in.

Click here to view the official notification of the Quad Cyber Challenge by Stay Safe Online, India [Call to Action: Protecting Ourselves from the Growin Threats of Online Attacks].

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