ChatGPT Sider: An AI Sidebar Extension with Roll-On Features [Translator; Grammar; Reading and Writing Support]: Details Here! ChatGPT Sider

ChatGPT Sider: An AI Sidebar Extension with Roll-On Features [Translator; Grammar; Reading and Writing Support]: Details Here!

Introducing ChatGPT Sider, the ultimate AI-powered extension with lightning-fast translation capabilities, grammar correction, reading & writing support, and a host of other powerful features.

About ChatGPT Sider

As you browse any website, the ChatGPT Sidebar acts as a reliable assistant, offering you the top 10 benefits. Please note that ChatGPT is an exceptional product from OpenAI.

Overview of ChatGPT Sider

  • Powerful Sidebar
    • ChatGPT Translator
    • ChatGPT Dictionary
    • Grammar Check
    • Customizable Prompts
  • Quick Lookup Window
    • Quick Access to the Definition of Selected Text
    • TTS Support
    • Easy to Toggle On/Off
  • Enhanced Search Page
    • Customizable Prompts (The only one in the market)
    • Support for All Popular Search Engines (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.)
    • Ability to Turn On/Off the Search Page Panel
  • Easy-to-Access ChatGPT
    • Supports ChatGPT-3.5 API key
    • Supports GPT-4 for Plus Users (New!)
  • Theme
    • Supports Dark/Light Mode
  • ChatGPT Response Page
    • Markdown Rendering
    • Code Highlighting
    • Stop Generating Response
    • Copy Response to Clipboard
  • Many Features to Enhance Your Reading
  • Many Features to Enhance Your Writing
  • Easy to Use
  • Most Importantly, Your Voice Matters! 🗣 and Continuous Improvements

The ChatGPT Sidebar can function as both your reading 📖 and writing📝 assistant, providing the following examples:

  • 📖 Reading Assistant:
    • 📰 👀Summarize an Article
    • 🔍 Find Similar Pages
    • 🤔 Explain Any Concepts
    • 👨‍💻 Explain Code for Programmers
    • 🌍 🔤 Translate to Any Language
  • 📝 Writing Assistant:
    • ✅📚Correct Grammar
    • 🔄 Rephrase Content
    • ➡️ 📚Expand Content
    • 💰Generate Ads Scripts
    • 🎥 Write Video Scripts

The ChatGPT Sidebar offers preset prompt templates optimized for your web activities. Additionally, you can add any prompt template you like and use it on any webpage. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at care[at]gochitchat[dot]ai.

Features of ChatGPT Sider

  • Summarize The Article
  • Find Similar Pages
  • Explain Any Concept
  • Compare Answers Between AI And Human

Visit and check the other details on its official page.

Summary of ChatGPT Sider

  • User options: This could allow users to customize their chat experience by selecting preferences or settings related to the chatbot.
  • Conversation history: The sidebar might display a list of past messages exchanged between the user and the chatbot, allowing users to review or refer back to previous interactions.
  • Bot information: It could include information about the chatbot itself, such as its capabilities, purpose, or any limitations.
  • Help or FAQ section: The sidebar provides quick access to frequently asked questions or a help center, where users can find answers to common queries or issues.
  • Additional features: Depending on the specific implementation, the sidebar could offer additional features like sharing the conversation, saving or bookmarking specific messages, or even integrating external services or plugins.

How to Get?

Click here to use ChatGPT Sider Now!

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